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Dave Hillert
Vice President and Commercial Underwriting Counsel

Dave has a deep understanding of the complexities of multi-state and multi-site commercial transactions. With a background gained in private practice and as a member of a large real estate practice group, Dave became well versed in real property transactions. This foundation laid the groundwork for Dave’s extensive level of expertise and positioned him as a resource for colleagues and clients.

Before joining Commercial Partners Title in 2006, Dave gained title insurance industry experience by working with other title insurance firms as underwriting counsel in both national and regional capacities. Dave’s high-level experience on significant numbers of commercial transactions has made him a valued member of the Commercial Partners Title team. His area of focus in underwriting local and national commercial transactions allows him to provide well-regarded advice in developing client solutions.

As evidence of his vast knowledge, Dave has earned the designation of Real Property Specialist as certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association. In addition, he is a member of the Minnesota State Bar, the State Bar of Wisconsin and the Hennepin County Bar Association. In his free time, Dave also digs deep into favorite topics; he enjoys gardening and landscaping projects around his home in addition to quieter activities like reading and spending time with his dogs.