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Gale Larson   612-643-1040
Gale Larson
Commercial Closer

Gale has deep experience in virtually all phases of real estate transactions. Her working knowledge comes from involvement in local and national projects that include multi-family and senior housing, development, government/city programs, and projects involving Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Historic Tax Credits. This breadth of work allows Gale to provide insightful solutions to all customers.

Working closely with buyers and sellers, lenders, and investors, Gale understands each phase of the real estate transaction process and can anticipate issues and solve problems. She joined Commercial Partners Title in 2005 where she delivers expert service in all areas of commercial real estate closing and title insurance.

Gale not only directs complex closings in a career she loves, but also finds time to nurture those at home by spending time with her family, sewing, gardening and being outdoors. Her attention to detail makes her adept at her job and ensures the highest level of service to our customers.