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Jon Stowell   612-643-1046
Jon Stowell
Sales Representative

Jon Stowell brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to his business projects, which result in the development of strong relationships with his clients. He strives to exceed expectations and enjoys developing solutions in a complex industry. Good communication is key to his success.

Jon joined Commercial Partners Title in 2015 with a background in business administration and residential title, assisting in the Disbursing department and gaining an understanding of process and procedures. He grew into a sales position after proving his skill in connecting with clients and understanding their needs. Jon takes pride in navigating the details of a request, employing creativity to find the best solution for a client’s specific situation.

Known for his outgoing nature, Jon likes to share his passion for travel, horticulture, philosophy and music. He especially enjoys entertaining people with his musical talent, whether singing, playing guitar or fronting several active bands. When connecting with people over business or for pleasure, Jon’s personable approach places emphasis in relating to others.