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Kristin Haskell  612-337-2488

Kristin Haskell
Commercial Closer and Underwriting Counsel

Kristin employs great skill in her work on multi-site transactions. Focusing on closing and underwriting on properties in and around Minnesota, she has experience with multi-family housing transactions, commercial property sales/acquisitions, and commercial loans, including Fannie Mae and HUD-insured financing transactions. When managing the process, Kristin’s goal is to provide the highest level of customer service when delivering title issue solutions for clients.

Kristin joined Commercial Partners Title in 2013, bringing experience working in private practice with a mid-sized firm. She focused in Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Lending and Finance. Gaining applicable experience working on complex commercial real estate transactions, Kristin managed sales, acquisitions and financing of office buildings, shopping centers and parking ramps.

Kristin’s ability to attend to details is evident as she delivers solutions that take multiple transactions into account. She is able to oversee the process while managing the fine points to ensure all transactions progress smoothly. In her free time, Kristin chooses activities that keep her moving, whether it’s running, spending time with her husband and dog, taking workout classes or hiking.