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Nancy Jones
Vice President/Manager

Nancy has the hands-on knowledge of what it takes to actively manage an office. Joining Commercial Partners Title in 1996, Nancy brought a diverse background of business skills and entrepreneurial energy to supervise in-house functions. Her degree from the College of Saint Catherine in Textiles/Clothing and Business, with a concentration in Physical Education, served her well in self-starting, owning and operating her own sports apparel business. During her extensive sales and marketing career, Nancy has gained a breadth of her experience that is well used by Commercial Partners Title.

Once in place at the firm, Nancy quickly advanced to the position of Production Manager. Her departmental responsibilities included overseeing Abstracting, Examination, Final Policies, Order Entry, Client Service, and Marketing. In 2005 she was promoted to Vice President and Manager of the Business Development and Production divisions. Nancy used her deep skills to direct expanded marketing efforts that support business growth. In 2008, Nancy’s management duties increased to include oversight of the Accounting and Construction Disbursing Departments along with Human Resources functions.

From managing corporate resources to supporting new and existing business, the responsibilities suit Nancy’s drive and enthusiasm. The same commitment applies to everything she does, whether it’s making time every day for her early-morning workout, keeping up on current fashions or championing greyhound rescue efforts. Nancy plays an integral part in the management of the office to serve employees and clients alike.