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Below are the current seminars offered by Commercial Partners Title, LLC.  Please contact the Business Development Department (612.337.2470) for further information or to schedule a seminar at your location.

Foreclosure: Issues, Alternatives, and Solutions

Foreclosures provide opportunities for both gain and loss. It is important to understand current market trends with respect to foreclosures and how this may impact your business. Understand what foreclosure is and what process must be followed. Learn about available alternatives and the benefits and risks of each. Discuss the impact of bankruptcy upon the foreclosure process. Understand why your are not finished once the sale takes place: who can redeem and when?

Topics covered include

  • What is foreclosure?
  • Overview of the process
    • foreclosure by advertisement
    • foreclosure by action
  • How backruptcy affects the foreclosure process
  • Aternatives in foreclosure
    • Voluntary foreclosure
    • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Post foreclosure: redemption periods

Title Insurance: After the Closing

The loan has closed and you have received your policy: now what? What role does Title Insurance play after the closing? Understand what Title Insurance is and some of the key policy revisions. Know the difference between a Commitment and a Title Policy. When do you need to revisit your policy? When do you need to bring your policy date foward? Known when you may have a claim and what to do about it.

A to Z - Title Insurance Overview

Using the Commitment as a format, this seminar provides an insider's look at what is critical information on the Title Commitment you receive. Learn what to look for and what are some of the most important issues revealed by the Commitment and covered by your Loan Policy


Endorsements are the best way to customize your Title Policy to provide coverage for the issues that are important to you. Learn about some of these Endorsements, the coverage they provide, and the criteria used in deciding if they can be issued.

Vacated Streets and Alleys: When do they attach to your property?

This seminar provides a look at the complex issue of "Who owns the Street" in a variety of circumstances. We address the question of who gets the extra property - and how much of it - when a street or alley is vacated. The answers may surprise you! We also cover how to address adding this property to a Certificate of Title when dealing with Torrens Property, including when an Examiner's Directive is sufficient and when a Proceeding Subsequent is required.

The Wonderful World of Torrens

We provide a brief history of the Torrens system in Minnesota, including the reasons it was developed, and then move into practical application - when is Registering Property a valuable tool in resolving title issues? We also provide an overview of the Registration process and answer the question of when to seek an Examiner's Directive and when to bring a Proceeding Subsequent.

Do you really need a Proceeding Subsequent or is an Examiner's Directive
"good enough"?

This seminar provides a more in depth look at resolving title issues that arise post-registration. We discuss types of issues and possible methods of resolution, including a breakdown of which method works best to resolve different types of problems.

Recording Issues: How to deal with Rejection

Both Abstract and Torrens recording offices have standards which are applied to all documents submitted for filing. When documents do not meet these standards, they are rejected, which results in a delay in recording. What are the more common causes of documents being rejected? What is required to avoid some of the most common reasons for rejection?

1031 Exchange

Leave this seminar with a good understanding of the basic applications of 1031 Exchanges. Be prepared to identify if you have a potential exchange that could save you or your client thousands of dollars in capital gains taxes by answering the following questions: Are the properties qualified? Is the tax payer qualified? When does action need to be taken? What is a "Reverse Exchange"?

Survey Overview

If you need a survey, what kind of survey do you need? How do you plan for and obtain the survey? What good is a Survey anyway? In answering these questions, this seminar demonstrates the different documents that diagram real estate and gives an overview of what uses can be made of each. It addresses the difference between a Boundary Survey, a Subdivision Plat, a Site Plan, a Registered Land Survey, and an ALTA Survey. We also provide insight into planning your transaction so that all the work required for your Survey can be accomplished in a timely manner!

A Closer Look at Surveys

Intended for those who use surveys on a regular basis, this seminar is presented in an open discussion format. Get answers to all the questions you've wanted to ask about how to read surveys, how to discern critical information, and how to know what to expect from different types of surveys.

Who owns that Tax Forfeited Land and Why?

This seminar provides insight into the historical reasons that Tax Forfeited Land raises question of ownership post-forfeiture. It also looks at issues that arise with Tax Forfeited Land, and gives an overview of what remedies are available to clear title.